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Choosing the Best Zinc Supplement of 2017

After reading about the benefits of zinc, or if you suspect you might be deficient because of your diet or lifestyle, you’ll naturally start looking around for a quality zinc supplement for your daily regimen.

You’ll have to consider a few things when making your decision: form of zinc and  amount of zinc in the product, and price.

Different forms of zinc are more bioavailable than others. Bioavailability refers to the amount of actual zinc in the supplement that will be absorbed by the body. It is a measuring stick when choosing a zinc supplement.

Recommended Brands

The best zinc supplement will have a high bioavailability. Listed beneath are some of the most popular and highest rated zinc supplements.

Source Naturals OptiZinc

Source Naturals uses the very high bioavailability form zinc l-monomethion. A standard bottle comes with 120 tablets with 30mg Zinc per tablet. The product contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives and is gluten, soy, dairy and corn free. OptiZinc also includes 15% of your copper RDA. This helps prevent developing a zinc related copper deficiency.

Now Foods Zinc Gluconate

Now Foods product contains 50mg of zinc gluconate. The standard bottle comes with 250 small, round, easy to swallow tablets, making this a good zinc supplement for the price. This product does not contain copper, consider adding some via additional supplements.

Thorne Research – Zinc Picolinate

Thorne Research Zinc includes 15mg of the high bioavailability picolinate form of zinc and is created with no egg, soy, dairy, peanuts, yeast products, making this a vegan friendly supplement. The high absorption rate with picolinate means that 15mg of this product will be more efficient compared to higher amounts found in other products.

Nature Made Zinc Tabs

Nature Made is another zinc gluconate product, containing 100 30mg tablets. A bargain for an average quality zinc supplement.

Solgar Zinc Tabs

Solgar uses the high quality, high bioavailibility chelated zinc in it’s supplement. The standard bottle comes with 250 22mg tablets of chelated zinc. This form absorbs well and is used efficiently.

Zinc Gummies

Nature’s Way Zinc Lozenge

These chewable hard lozenges pack 23mg of citrate/gluconate each. Each bottle contains 60 lozenges.

Sunkist Zinc Throat Lozenges

A bottle contains 90 lozenges of mixed citrus flavors. This lozenge also includes Vitamin C.

Types of Zinc

  1. Zinc orotate – Orotate has the highest bioavailability of all forms, and is one of the  most recommended. Zinc is chelated to oratic acid resulting in a form more neutrally charged than others. For this reason, the zinc can easily pass through the cell membrane along with other nutrients, leading to higher zinc levels. Other benefits include antioxidant properties.
  2. Zinc picolinate – Picolinate has high bioavailability. Picolinic acid naturally occurs in the body. The amino acid tryptophan produces it for digestion, therefore aiding the absortion of minerals. Studies show this form has higher a higher absortion rate than gluconate or or citrate.
  3. Zinc gluconate – Gluconate occurs naturally but in supplement form is commonly made by an industrial process of fermenting glucose. Bioavailability isn’t as high as other forms, but still has benefits. This form has been studied for the purposes of shortening the common cold.
  4. Chelated zinc – A process called chelation causes zinc to bind to amino acids to aid in absorption. This form has a higher absortion rate than gluconate Still, there is debate on how much the chelation process actually increases absortion rate.
  5. Zinc L-monomethionine – Zinc is bonded to the essential acid methionine. Highly absorbable, methionine is used in the body to create carnitine, taurine, lecithin and others.
  6. Zinc oxide – An inorganic compound of zinc. The form has topical uses in ointments and sunscreen to prevent or treat minor burns.


How Much Zinc Should I Take?

This questions is like asking, how long is a rope? Your lifestyle and physical traits will determine how much zinc you require. For example, athletes tend to need more zinc, because exhaustive activity depeletes the levels of zinc found in your body. Naturally, men also require higher zinc intake on average, because zinc is important for testosterone. Also, this depends on your diet. Examine what you eat on a regular basis, and see how much zinc you’re getting from food. The best zinc supplement will provide at least 25mg of high quality zinc.

Choose the Best Zinc for You

In conclusion, there are many options for you to choose from. Choose the right form of zinc for your goals, ie athletic or cognitive performance, to correct a deficiency, or overall health. Combining a high quality zinc supplement with a healthy diet will provide your body with all of the benefits zinc can provide.

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